Kundalini Yoga for Intuition & Destiny

Kundalini Yoga for Intuition & Destiny

ISBN: 9780692102831

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Title information

In Kundalini Yoga for Intuition and Destiny, Dr. Siri Atma Singh reveals that being true to yourself will bless you with the power of intuition, enabling you to see how your day will be, and sense how your destiny will unfold. He shares the wisdom of the master, Yogi Bhajan, as well as the insights he has gained on his spiritual path.

There is a wisdom that is the harmony of your being. It resounds the music of your spirit and it spreads like waves to everyone in your vicinity. – Yogi Bhajan

You will discover the nature of being self-sensory, the power of knowing the unknown, the role of fate and destiny, surrender, and mystic experiences. This book contains Kundalini Yoga kriyas to develop your self-sensory system, awaken your intuition, and enable you to deliver your destiny.

Pages: 117
Publisher: Yogic Reality
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