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Everyday Series
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Everyday Devotion

Everyday Devotion guides you through the breath and bones of your practice and yoga posture, based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. It also shares tips for developing and perfecting your own personal yogic practice.

In the walk of life, a spiritual person makes the journey from the head to the heart, from the ego to the soul, from thinking to deep listening, from outside to inside. Learning to live from the heart is a journey toward a life of devotion. Devotion has its own geometry, symmetry, and balance. How we bend and bow, turn and twist, gives form to our devotion. Our bodies become a living prayer—devotion in motion.

This is the story of one man’s magnificent journey. A gymnast, somatic therapist, author, and Kundalini Yoga posture specialist, Guru Prem tells the story of the body and the spirit, the mind and the heart, through his daily acts of surrender and devotion. This daily practice allows him to not only flourish as a man, a husband, and a father but also as a peaceful warrior, a yogi, and a Sikh.

Everyday Excellence

This book explores the art of everyday success through eight elements of excellence. Such elements are 1. the vision to see your goal and keep it in your consciousness; 2. The courage to attempt it and keep it up; 3. The grit to go through it; 4 The humility to know who the doer is; 5. The knowledge to substantiate it; 6. The prayer to feed it; 7. The grace to carry yourself through it; and 8. The Determination to achieve it. 

Everyday Grace

“Everyday Grace is an inspirational exploration of being a woman and a witness to a dynamic woman’s personal awakenings. The Grace Notes are valuable tools that provide ways for women to embrace grace, courage, strength, and divinity—anytime, anywhere.” Bhajan Kaur, CEO, 3HO Foundation. 

“This book is filled with wise and practical insights for cultivating inner grace. Turn to any page and you will find an exercise or a lesson in how we can become more mindful and in tune with our own inner light. For those whose everyday lives feel increasingly out of balance, the lessons here offer a path back to equanimity; a reminder that peace and harmony is an inside job.” Jodi O’Brien, Professor of Sociology, Seattle University

“Everyday Grace is a perfect companion to any women’s yoga course. I only wish Sat Purkh had been around to translate these teachings thirty hears ago!” Sarb Jit Kaur, Aquarian Trainer Academy.

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Guru Prem Singh Khalsa Everyday Devotion
Sadhana Singh Everyday Excellence, Mastery of the True Self
Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa Everyday Grace